Accent Consult is a business solutions provider that offers top-notch services to businesses by providing deep industry and technical expertise to spark change in business entities and entrepreneurs. We offer in-depth learning experiences through our continuing education centre specially set up for entrepreneurs, business executives and startup founders. We provide them with the highest quality knowledge they require across various fields with flexible learning options to help their ventures grow and thrive.


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Business Advisory

We offer advisory, training and capacity building services ranging from finance and investment, business startup advisory, deals advisory, corporate valuations, business planning and transactional advisory. 

Business Administration

Through administrative assistance, partnerships and protecting of interests, we provide support for entrepreneurs and small businesses to build and grow their businesses. 

HR Structuring

This includes recruiting, training and development, compensation and benefits administration, health and safety and employee and labor relations.

Business Structuring

We help organisations put a proper system in
place that outlines how activities are carried out to achieve organisational goals. These activities include rules, management, choice of business registration, creating internal policies, ownership, coordination, supervision and profit distribution. 

Tax Compliance and Advisory

We educate entrepreneurs on various tax obligations and advise them on how to structure their tax implications and liabilities while complying with various tax laws.

Success Is Assured

We are convinced that the four core values: fairness, innovation, devotion to client and coordination are fundamental for Business delivery. We therefore focus on staying current with the Business environment not only from domestic resources but the global community as well. One of our tools of delivery is Digital Marketing which makes us stand out from the many.



Sandra Nwoke

C.E.O Customier Perfumes

Accent consult has been the backbone of our organisation for years. We hardly make plans without getting a go ahead from them as they always put us in the right direction. I must say we own our success solely to them. Without Accent Consult we will not be where we are today. 


Ibukun Peters

C.E.O Custine Event Planner

I remember walking into their office with just my business plan, I had not executed anything in that plan. Accent Consult put structure in every bit of the idea to make it a business such that within 6 Months, we gained international recognitions and started making huge revenue.


Toheeb Abdulsalam

C.E.O Farmignite Suites

We had always struggled in our little enterprise and it has not been all that rosy not until we met Accent Consult. They have been there for us through thick and thin. Because of their good deeds we can definitely smile again. 

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Transforming the economy primarily
by industrialization…..

Digital Marketing


The use of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to reach consumers.

Social Impact


Better customer relationships. By being a social business you are seen to be open, transparent.


Both material and immaterial, created by the application of mental and physical effort in order to achieve some value in business.

Career Opportunity With Accent Consult

We desire to build a team of change enablers in the world of Business, Over the years, we have consciously built a policy of creating platforms for team members to be the best in their area of core interest and general spheres of life and most especially business. The ideal Accent Consult member is an all-rounder with ability to take the lead in every business ventures.

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